In the footsteps of St Paul


Testimony of the importance of Greece in the history of the Early Church is the fact that it was here that the first Christian state arose, the Byzantine Empire, which was to keep the light of Christianity alive for over a thousand years when Rome had been overrun by barbarians. It was St Paul who first brought Christianity to Europe and these pilgrimage will bring to life the early churches Paul founded and corresponded with. Places so familiar from the New Testament including Thessaloniki, Philippi and Corinth.

Our pilgrimages begin in Kavala (ancient Neapolis) where Paul first landed. From our northern starting point, we travel the length of Greece which will provide us with a glimpse of how Paul went about his mission spreading the word of God. It was a mission of contrasts from those in Berea who received his message with great eagerness to the sceptics of Athens. In each place we will be able to stand where Paul stood like the ancient market place and centre of Athen’s public life where Paul would have addressed the Athenians.

In Meteora and elsewhere we will experience something of the life of the Greek Orthodox church which was to keep the light of Christianity alive through the invasions from the barbarians in the north and the Muslims in the east. Added to this is the opportunity to see some of the best classical sites like Delphi.

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