Malta and Gozo


The Maltese Islands are a wonderful place to explore sacred history.
Religious riches and a treasure trove of art are a joy to discover, with the chance to experience everything from prodigious cathedrals to small chapels for quiet contemplation.

Malta and Gozo are islands where prehistoric settlers-built temples to their fertility goddess, where the apostle Paul survived a dramatic shipwreck to introduce Christianity, and where the Knights Hospitallers built the entire capital of Valletta, a fortified city of baroque palaces, gardens and churches.

The population of Malta is predominately Catholic, and the islands are dotted with some 365 churches, one for every day of the year. Some parish churches are imposing structures, physically dominating the village skyline, proudly boasting red or silver painted domes.

Pilgrims walk in the footsteps of St Paul and modern-day Popes. However, it is no surprise that a country with such a chequered history also offers fascinating traces of other cultures and religions such as Anglican, Jewish, Islamic and Orthodox.

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