Oberammergau 2020

Once every 10 years, in the small Bavarian town of Oberammergau, a historical and dramatic production of the Passion Play takes place. In 1633, the residents of Oberammergau vowed that if God spared them from the bubonic plague ravaging the region, they would produce a play thereafter for all time depicting the life and death of Jesus. The villagers had been spared and they kept their part of the vow when the play was first performed in 1634. The play is now performed repeatedly over the course of a five month period every year ending in zero. The production involves over 2,000 performers, musicians and stage hands, all residents of the village. Lightline Pilgrimages invite you to enjoy this momentous experience with us in 2020.


During the season, accommodation in and around Oberammergau is allocated to ticket holders for one or two nights, and restaurant reservations are pre-assigned. It is not possible to book an extended stay in the village, and for this reason we are combining the Passion Play with a holiday among the lakes and mountains of Austria.
All Lightline guests will receive a top grade performance ticket and we will be seated together in one or perhaps two groupings in the theatre itself. Our representatives will be in the village helping us to make the very most of our time there. All the villagers are involved in some capacity, and you will be impressed at how smoothly they cope with so many visitors.
This is the second programme of Oberammergau Passion Play holidays Lightline has organised and our aim is to encourage a real feeling of sharing as we participate together in this landmark Christian event.
Two nights accommodation in the village and a top grade performance ticket are included in your tour cost.
A note about Austrian twin-beds Twin bedded accommodation in Austria traditionally consist of one bed frame with two separate mattresses and separate duvets. Lightline have contracted their hotels on the basis a good number of rooms with properly separated twin beds are available ,and these will be allocated as a priority to guests requesting room shares. For the two nights In Oberammergau occasionally the traditional style beds may be allocated. We can, however, be creative in solving this problem by adding a sofa bed, for instance.

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